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Toddler Tips...


♥ Determine your location.
♥ If you choose to have an outdoor session, the best time would be Dawn or Dusk. For Spring Forward hours it would be (7am-10am) & (5pm-8pm).  For Fall Back hours it would be(8am-11am) & (3pm - 6pm).  The light is perfect!
♥ When choosing a wardrobe, pick colors that compliment their skin tone.
♥ Bring drinks and snacks for the children to have and their favorite toy.
♥ If pet/s are going to be in the photoshoot, please have them groomed prior to the session. Snacks and Toys are welcome if needed.
♥ Please let me know ahead of time if your child or children have any special needs.
♥ Try having a photoshoot at home prior to the actual photoshoot.  It helps the child get used to the camera and it's fun for them.

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