Bellies Tips...


♥ Book your session between your 6th & 7th month of your pregnancy.


♥ When choosing your wardrobe, choose colors that compliment your skin tone.


♥ You can have as many wardrobe changes as you would like.


♥ Any props or momentos are welcome in photoshoot.


♥ Choose the type of session you would like to have.  You can choose from classic,  traditional, fun etc...


♥ Remember to relax, think of your baby and just have fun.  



Babies Tips...


♥ Book the photography session before the baby arrives.  At least 2 months ahead and decide on your location for the photo shoot prior to scheduling.


Best time to photograph your newborn is 5-7 days after there arrival.


♥ Plan to feed your son/daughter just before the session starts.  This way they will be ready to start with the photo shoot shortly after you arrive.


♥ Bring any props that you would like to use in the photo shoot.


I have an entire selection or fabrics, hats, hair bands, baskets, backdrops etc to use